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Shusei Nagaoka

The message to you, a Japanese Earth Wind &Fire fanimageThey are you, a dear Earth Wind &Fire fan, and a long time. Or it begins. 
The encounter with I and a ground window & fire is from “Helios” of the summer of 1977. This time was the days filled with the heat with which the record company in the world gathered in Hollywood in the golden age of LP gas record, the young musicians charged with the background of various races or history sang the message by solidarity, and artists like WOHORU, Roger, and Dean decorated the jacket. Also being made in an echo like the big surge which comes on the contrary simultaneously from all the corners in the world where I met Maurice by the favor which lived in West Coast when I was continuing the solitary work of drawing a picture alone, did the joint work of numbers of works after that, and expressed one’s opinion to the amateur frantically, and EW&F went out for him . 
A time changes a lot from that and that heat is shut up into individual husks also in Europe or Asia, and although my original picture was also put in order, it is believed that the time of hitting light to that wonderful time that we who were still young shared at the time of the 2002 Japan tour of EW&F again came. My original picture will return to my hometown eternally by the courtesy of volunteers, and efforts, and this thing does not have the happiness beyond this for an artist. I say gratitude from the bottom of my heart. 
Into the Egyptian script at feet of the Ramses image of Helios’s cover, the character of Japan a “style wood volcano” is hidden about 4 times, and it has drawn. Please search and see.

-Shusei Nagaoka

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